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Experience Integrity

Dynamic Change Solutions is committed to serving you with high-quality work and true partnership. Our clients include leading non-profit organizations, professional associations, academic institutions, faith-based organizations, and mission-driven businesses. Each of our services is aimed at helping you achieve your goals and is based in enhancing your organizations operations and impact within the community you serve. 

Assessment & Strategy

Based on research, including surveys, data analysis, interviews and focus groups, Dynamic Change Solutions conducts a number of assessment-based services for our clients. Some common projects are: community needs, retention, staffing, client engagement, and feasibility studies. Often these studies are the initial phase of broader planning or visioning work. This phase aids our team in uncovering the underlying issues of challenges your organization is working to overcome. 

With your long-term goals in mind, Dynamic Change Solutions can partner with you to create business, staffing structure, turnaround, engagement, marketing, crisis management, and strategic plans. We can also manage mergers, which is often a complicated process. Well thought out plans can make a world of difference in the day-to-day efficiency and impact of your organization. 


When you are consistently focused on the operations and challenges of your organization, it can be hard to step back and think big. That’s where Dynamic Change Solutions comes in; our team can work with you to create a strategic vision for your organization. This can include mission statement development, philanthropic culture shift, outreach and engagement efforts, innovative concepts, and messaging strategies. With a clear vision in mind, your organization will be on a clear path to growth.

Coaching & Training

With decades of experience leading non-profit organizations, lay leaders and professionals can benefit from our executive coaching services that focus on each person’s unique personal and professional goals. Dynamic Change Solutions understands that engaged people are more motivated and tuned into their work. We can lead team-building workshops, provide customer service training, and support your board development needs. We can help you bring energy and passion back to your team.

We look forward to learning more about your organization’s concerns and long-term goals so that we can tailor an organizational enhancement program for you. Contact us today to get started